Manis sunglasses are covered under our limited lifetime warranty. Our limited lifetime warranty covers all manufacturer defects. Minor scratches and dings are not covered. If your sunglasses break under normal use, we’ll replace them for you.

What doesn’t the warranty cover? Lost or stolen shades, scratched or broken lenses, dog turning your shades into a chew toy.  The basic stuff.  Your girl/boyfriend breaks up with you and refuses to give back your favorite sunnies.  You get a huge scratch on your lens right in your line of vision. All of these things happen to everyone. We understand and that is why even though you can’t give you a free replacement we will offer you a deal on a new pair of sunglasses.  So fill out the warranty claim form below and tell us your sob story.

Sometimes we are out of stock or might have discontinued your frames. In cases like this we can offer a different style as a replacement. Or if we have replacement stock coming soon we can send you a replacement as soon as we have more inventory in stock.

We reserve the right to decide if your damage is covered under our limited lifetime warranty.

Scroll down to fill out the warranty claim email form.  We will respond typically within a few days.

Our goal is to keep you as a customer. Be honest with us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Thanks for supporting Manis.

Warranty Claim Request Form

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